Sullivan-Palatek hustled to save lives

At 14:00 on January 10th, 2021,   A catastrophic explosion accident occurred at Wusailong gold mine in Qixiacity, Shandong province. The blast of the explosion severely damaged the ladder in the well, so the elevator could not work properly. Meanwhile, there were twenty two workers stuck underground. Because of dysfunction of the communication system, we do not know the whole situation in there, and the rescue is going so far.

In the race of saving lives, searching for survival is our first priority. When obtaining the instruction of rescue, Sullivan-Palatekteam immediately sent out equipment and personnel to the venue. According to the news, this disaster is extremely hard to rescue, for a variety of pipeline and the electric cords tangled in the elevator well. In the meantime, a lot of gigantic construction vehicles block in the mine shaft, and thus create a 7-meter obstruction which is arduous to remove. Besides, the local geological condition is so complicated that the drill gets stuck in the slots between the layers of the rocks. The drilling work is difficult to go forward.


In the venue, Sullivan-Palatek D1350XHT provided substantial power to the saving point 5. The condition of the geological layers was complex and hard to drill a 400 mm by 350 mm and 600 meters in depth hole which was able to reach out the place where the miner is. Therefore, we must utilize high pressure air compressors with high volume of air output for crossing through formidable layers of the rocks, for this situation depends on high-quality air compressors and drilling construction skills.

From USA, Sullivan-Palatek D1350XHT portable air compressor is durable and used with high, medium, and low shifts to meet the requirements of drilling a variety of geological layers, working in severe environments, and providing constant power for production.


In this accident, the searching team is still looking for the twenty two miners

In this collapsion, twenty two people are still waiting for saving, and time isn’t always enough. Every resource is just right there. For Sullivan-Palatek, life is everything. So, we will support everything we have, and try to do more and more. Reliable and Dependable not just on our equipment, they are Sullivan-Palatek's sprits.

We wish everyone would go home with their families, and celebrate Chinese new years together.