Sullivan Machinery was established in 1868 in the USA. It was one of the pioneers of the industrial reciprocating manufacturers back in the 1800s.
In 1970, Sullivan has developed more efficient rotary screw compressor to replace the common reciprocating compressor in the market.This technology was studied and developed by other companies in the later development.
With 150 years of the market experience, Sullivan Asia was officially established in 2017. The manufacturing center was set up in Ma'anshan city, Anhui province.

Focusing on all aspects from design, manufacturing, sales, to customer service, we supply the market with the most reliable compressors.

"Dependable by design" is the value of Sullivan-Palatek; it has been executed for 150s years, and we promise it will keep going on!


By cooperating with outstanding domestic wholesalers and agents, Sullivan-Palatek has 100+ branch offices nationwide and a professional after-sales team of 200+ people. We also have sufficient spare parts inventory.

Following the core philosophy “Service is Quality; Quality is Service”, we provide efficient and superior after-sales service and help customers solve problems with comprehensive plans.


Sullivan-Palatek is committed to continuous improvement, in the compressed air industry, meeting the needs of customers, employees, suppliers, and shareholders in a world of rapid change. Our machinery and service are dependable by design.