Happy 5th Birthday, Sullivan-Palatek Asia!

From 2017 to 2022,It has been an amazing journey of over 1,800 days.Our spirit to explore aerodynamic energy has connected every partner and customer all over the country.

We "Muted" a Portable Air Compressor

In 2021, Sullivan-Palatek' s first large portable low-noise air compressor (D1300RH) received the QPME Label from the EPD of Hong Kong and the Certification of "Low Noise" issued by the MLIT of Japan.

Reveal-The Manufacturing Plant

As a brand with 100-year of expertise in air compressors, Sullivan-Palatek develops extraordinary techniques, improves products continuously, and never stops to enhance our core competitiveness.

The Sullivan-Palatek Team | We Care What We Do

When reflecting everything that Sullivan-Palatek has completed at thefresh start of 2022, it is obvious to see that every member on the team is a fighter because everyone has played a great part in...

The achievements should be remembered in 2021

Time is ticking out, reviewing the past is one thing we should do on New Year Eve. Before looking back, it’s a great honor to share with you the Sullivan-Palatek’s spirits ‘Dependable by Design’, w...

Sullivan-Palatek hustled to save lives

At 14:00 on January 10th, 2021, A catastrophic explosion accident occurred at Wusailong gold mine in Qixiacity, Shandong province. The blast of the explosion severely damaged the ladder in the we...